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The Mykonos Galaxy Experience

The Galaxy Mykonos was created as the summer home of its discerning proprietors and not as rental. Hence no expense spared at the Galaxy Mykonos, where all furniture and dining sets where imported and acquired from auctions in several instances, from the Gate-leg tables to the silver spoons. 

Caters for quite more than a decade to the luxury and VIP traveller, with a remarkable pedigree and guest book, as the first private concierge villa in Greece. A pioneer in bespoke services, such as True Butler Service and the Galaxy's 4 Seasons String quartet. Louis Vuitton 2010 City Guide, C.N. Traveller, Elite Traveler, Elegant Travel Greece, concur, to name a few. 

"People may forget what you told them but they will never forget how you made them feel" Pythagoras.

The Galaxy Mykonos is a Greek villa aiming in giving you the authentic taste of Greece and Mykonos in every aspect: Aesthetics, Taste, Scenery and Landscape, Weddings and events, Callisthenics, Sea, Sun, Sky, locality. Only when the traveller experiences his chosen destination in authentic forms with his 5 senses can he really experience the essence of his travel.  


He needs to stay at a Greek villa comprising of Greek essential elements, like Greek marble and stone, architecture and Mykonos classic style; Olive tree, Greek Myths old gravures, Greek antiquities. Greek cuisine and mixology with organic -from our garden- fresh ingredients of the Greek countryside, local produce, local winery and boat trips with sumptuous fish meals in the Aegean. The Galaxy Mykonos sets up the Greece scenery to imbue its guests with the experience they seek as they want it.  

The Galaxy Mykonos achieves what no minimal (design) -that could be literally anywhere for anyone) villa can: You live Greece!

"If you decompose Greece you will be left with a boat, a vine and an Olive tree. Which means that with this much you can rebuild it."

Odysseas Elytis, Nobel prize winner poet. 

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Tailor made service

True Butler Service

Free resident car parking

Free wifi access

24 hour reception and room service

Wedding Chapel and services 

Yoga Platform

Laundry facilities  

DVD player  

Tea & coffee making facilities  

Bespoke toiletries

Iron & ironing board

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